I have been Linda’s client for 2 years now and LOVE her Pilates and stretch classes. I look forward to every session and have never stuck with a fitness program for so long or enjoyed one as much. In the past, I’ve tried several gyms and used to run regularly until I injured my hip. It’s been great to find a regime that keeps me feeling strong, flexible and injury-free. Linda is not only an expert in her field, she is fiercely supportive and compassionate to her clients. I can’t recommend her highly enough! Thanks Linda!
Wendy M

I’ve enjoyed the I stretch lessons very much. They are exactly the type of workout I need. Very relaxing yet vigorous and important for health. Linda is an excellent teacher very enthusiastic and provides clear concise easy to understand instructions. Although in a class it is is it is as if we have one-on-one instruction. I strongly recommend Linda as an instructor. She is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about complex issues in Fitness and a pleasure to work with.
Richard W

Practicing Pilates with Linda has changed my body and how I feel about it…and in it! I feel like my training is designed specifically for my body and my growth. I am stronger than I’ve ever been, and the core and pelvic floor work I’ve learned has alleviated a great deal of back pain. Linda is passionate about her work and is always sharing new knowledge as a teacher. If you’re looking for a teacher who knows her stuff and really cares about helping her clients to change, Linda is that teacher.
Michele R

I contacted Linda via her web site a year ago.  I had been trying to do Stretch Therapy by myself for a couple of years using the videos available form Kit Laughlin’s vimeo site, and I found it difficult because I didn’t know if I was doing the stretches correctly, and I was timid about experiencing stretch.  I signed up for some workshops with Kim and Olivia for August of 2018, and decided I needed to focus on doing this work, so in March I looked online for a teacher who could help me, and I found Linda.  We worked together from March through August, and she prepared me very well for the workshops.  (I am in my 60s and not very flexible, so that is high praise.)

The best thing about Linda is that she was willing to hear what I was having trouble with, and focus on figuring out how to help me in each stretch. This took quite a commitment with some of the stretches, because the standard set up didn’t work for me.

I highly recommend Linda, and I hope to work with her in person soon.

Anne C

Linda Winterton has been my pilates instructor for nearly three years. I was a huge fan of Pilates with a trainer that I adored for eight years in Los Angeles, so when I was relocated to Vancouver, I searched high and low for a new instructor. I had ZERO luck…until I trained with Linda for the first time and then I was hooked. I instantly trusted her technique and was drawn toward her exuberant personality. She is not only knowledgable about Pilates instruction, she is knowledgable about the body – and that is the most important part. She is also one of the friendliest and happiest people I have ever met and working with her is not only functional, but pleasurable. We laugh a lot. There are so many different facets of Pilates and Linda is well-versed in all of them. Whether you want to tone up, work out an injury or experiment in full-body physical therapy, Linda is your woman. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how your body works, Linda will “get you”. I not only consider her my Pilates instructor, but a dear friend as well. Case in point: she came to my wedding…and we danced up a storm. Thank you, Linda!
Rachel K

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